Lisa’s coffee table styling tips


The coffee table is a prominent piece of furniture in your living area so it’s a great idea to style it in an eye-catching way. The main thing to think about when you’re dressing your table is how you use it in daily life. Do you eat off it? Do your kids use it to draw? Or is it really just for coffee cups and the occasional muffin?

Here are a few more things to consider:

Be bold
If you’re going to do it, you might as well make a statement. Think big books, a candle, a piece of coral or perhaps some chunky African beads or another decorative find from your travels that can act as a conversation point. And add an organic element, too, with some greenery or fresh cut flowers which also serves to add some height. Layers will make it feel styled, rather than staged.

Make it functional
Leave some space for life! If you style just half the space you can leave the other half clean and functional. Or better still, place your decorative elements on a tray or a flat bowl so you can lift it off when you need to clear the decks for that important game of Snakes & Ladders. If your various remotes live on the coffee table, a tray or basket for these will keep them neat and stop them from taking over.

Go below
If your coffee table is the sort that stays put, rather than say a nest of tables that you might move around the room depending on where you sit, think about having baskets underneath that can house kids’ crafts, magazines, or a blanket for cool evenings.

Author: Lisa Koehler