For something fresh, healthy and ‘oh so simple’ try out my Vegan Summer wraps


Serves 2 / 6 wraps total


- Small Grilled corn or wheat wraps- I prefer corn, they’re lighter and gluten free (pack of 6 generally)

- One large red capsicum cut into lengths

- One large brown onion cut into lengths

- One avocado cut into strips or smashed (your choice : ) )

- Two corn cobbs

- One cup red kidney beans

- half punnet cherry tomatoes cut in halves

- Shallots cut finely 2

- 1 Fresh Lime quartered

- 1 half Bunch of coriander

-1 Fresh chilli finely chopped

To Prepare:

  • Fry up lengths of brown onion and red capsicum in a pan or on the BBQ, 3-4 minutes or until onion is golden
  • Separately fry up your corn and then red kidney beans adding in a little Moroccan spice for flavour. Set to the side
  • Add half your coriander, some lime juice, fresh chilli, tomatoes, shallots and avocado chunks ready to serve
  • Grill the wraps just a minute or less on each side

To each plate start with your wrap, your hot mix followed by your salad mix and topped with fresh lime and coriander to serve.

For those who eat animal products and need a little more, just add some grilled organic chicken or beef.